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All types of fiber optic cables have significant advantages over alternative transmission media, such as those made of copper. Examples of this are the insensitivity to electromagnetic interference and the fact that fiber optic cables themselves do not cause any interference radiation. Photons instead of electrons take over the signal transmission and ensure the transport of high optical powers.  However, there are differences within the family of fiber optic cables. Above all, the distinction between multimode in the communications sector and multimode for optical power transmission is important. The latter fiber optic multimode fibers have a significantly larger fiber core (large core, approx. 100 μm - 400 μm). The well-known 50 µm fiber cores are mainly used today for communication in data centers and other local networks. However, they can also be used for pure energy transport.

High performance multimode fiber optic connectors (PSm)

Multimode fiber optics are increasingly used for the transmission of high power. The connectors are modular to avoid splices. Diamond SA has developed the E-2000® PSm products using our Optical Interface PSm technology for use with these fibers and applications. Our Power Solution products are designed to work with all optical fibers intended for higher power applications. In particular, our PSm technology has been developed for multimode fibers to ensure high power transmission aimed mainly, but not exclusively, at integrating pump lasers.

DIAMOND multimode PSm - Technology

The Diamond PSm adapter uses a "floating" carbide sleeve that improves power resistance. This is because the heat dissipation of carbide is about 50 times higher than that of ceramic. The hardness, precision, thermal conductivity, and wear resistance of carbide therefore make it an ideal material for use in high power applications. DIAMOND is a specialist in hard materials and has been using carbide (WC) in ferules and sleeves for 30 years.

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