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2.Worldwide Locations 
DIAMOND Interactive map Now you can find the branches of our company throughout the world, in a more direct and easy way, with the help of our new interactive map.  
3.Additional services 
Competence centre in FO technology Training center Assistance in the field of measurement technique Development of measurement instruments  Competence in the field of international standards… 
4.Measurements and tests on fibre optic components 
Verifying optical, mechanical and environmental performance Measurement of optical and geometrical parameters Insertion loss according to IEC 61300-3-4 and IEC 61300-3-34 Active monitoring of… 
5.Calibration of fibre optic measurement instruments 
Guaranteeing traceability at the highest level Power meter according to IEC 61315 Absolute optical power calibration Linearity calibration using the superposition system or the comparison method … 
8.The Company 
Diamond Corporate Diamond Institutional Downloads DIAMOND the fiber meeting Background Diamond grew from modest beginnings, having been established in 1958 as a machinist of ultra-hard materials… 
9.Documents & Downloads 
Technical and commercial information Please find below our commercial and technical documentation for supporting you in your fiber optic business and understanding of Diamond solutions and… 
10.mfs Switzerland 
Contacts E/D/I: LOSONE: mgs@diamond-fo.com GOSSAU: mgs@diamond-fo.com PORT -BIEL/BIENNE: mgs@diamond-fo.com Covering the all country  
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