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All-round fiber optics service package

In more than 30 years of experience in the world of fiber technology, Diamond has acquired all the necessary skills and capabilities to offer a complete range of services, from technical support in the various types of optical networks to training by highly qualified instructors. Diamond's fiber optics service infrastructure includes an accredited test and calibration laboratory for fiber optic instrument calibration and fiber optic component testing. In addition, Diamond has an ISO 7 clean room for cleaning and packaging fiber optic products in a fully controlled environment.

The Diamond test and calibration laboratory

Careful testing and calibration ensure the continuous maintenance of reliability and quality of high-tech equipment. That is why we have an accredited test laboratory where we can perform measurements, tests and calibrations for our own products, but also for external customers.

ISO 7 clean room

Products that are very sensitive to pollutants and particles must be manufactured, cleaned and packaged in cleanrooms. Cleanrooms are characterized by their low pollutant levels in a gradation across various classes. These controlled environments are required primarily in medicine, laboratories, aerospace, and industry.

Professional training as Fiber Optic Service

In a world with more and more data transmissions and ever-growing fiber optic networks, it makes sense that the knowledge about this is also passed on in a structured way. With more knowledge and practice, damage to fiber optic networks can be prevented. This is because the planning and maintenance of Fiber Optic projects in companies becomes easier and safer. For this purpose, Diamond offers training courses tailored to the customers’ needs and previous knowledge. These include both theory and practice. In addition, we leave it up to our customers to decide where and when the training should take place. We are happy to come to you, but we also cordially invite you to our own training facilities.

Mobile fiber optics service

The mobile fiber optics service of Diamond SA offers professional repair and support in Switzerland and Germany. Therefore, the service vehicles are equipped with everything needed for mobile repair and maintenance of fiber optic networks. This includes, for example, splicing equipment and crocodile connectors.

Testing and calibration laboratory

Calibration of fiber optic measuring instruments and measuring of fiber optic components

ISO 7 Cleanroom

Processes in controlled environment

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Training & Courses

Theoretical And Practical Fiber Optic Training

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