mfs equipment

All necessary tools for a professional service

ZEUS D50 Fusion Field Termination Kit
Fast, easy and high performance field termination of E-2000™, SC, ST, FC und F-3000™ connectors (PC and APC) on both SM and MM fiber/cable

Alberino Tool Set
Contains all necessary tools for the assembly of DIAMOND E-2000™, SC, FC or ST connector housings onto "Alberino" pigtails or patchcords.

Furthermore tools for the mounting of FAN-OUT, BREAK-OUT and Outdoor connectors.

Video Inspection Microscope Kit
Compact, portable and lightweight video microscope for inspection of all connector types utilizing 2.5 mm or 1,25 mm (PC and APC) ferrules

Cleaning kit and hand microscope
Contains all necessary tools for proper cleaning of connector's front-faces and inspection of fiber endfaces directly in the field or in the laboratory

Launch fiber
MM and SM lauch fiber types with standard telecom and Outdoor connectors

OTDR and Powermeter measuring instruments
Instruments for different measurements and failure detections