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Processes in controlled environment thanks to clean room

Clean rooms are controlled environments with very low levels of contaminants. This ensures that manufacturing processes are not affected by small particles. Certain fiber solutions for sensitive applications require special processes in terms of cleaning, drying, inspection, and packaging, which are carried out inside the clean room. Therefore, DIAMOND has one clean room each of class ISO 6 and ISO 7, according to the DIN EN ISO 14644-1 standard, allowing products that are very sensitive to environmental contamination to be cleaned and packaged in a controlled environment. Typical applications that may require clean room processes can be found, for example, in the fields of medicine, laboratories, aerospace, or also in industry.

Clean room classes

To ensure that work performed in cleanrooms is always comparable and repeatable, various guidelines and standards are used in the requirements for these rooms. Clean rooms are classified according to the degree of purity of the air within the controlled environment. This is because while some manufacturing processes are only possible in completely clean air, only low particle concentrations are sufficient for others. The clean room class is the level of cleanliness that the room maintains based on the amount and size of particles per cubic meter of air. In general, there is a classification from clean room class 1 (highest cleanliness) to 9 (lowest class of a cleanroom).

Clean room requirements

How work is to be carried out in a clean room is strictly regulated. Because it is not only structural specifications that determine how clean the air in a place is, the behavior of the people present also has a strong influence. In principle, a clean room may only be entered with clean shoes and suitable clothing, which is usually based on synthetic fibers and thus releases particularly few particles into the air through abrasion. Depending on the clean room class, masks, hoods, or even full-body suits may also be required. Under all circumstances, the body’s own particles, for example skin flakes and hair, must be kept away from the clean room.

The following products can be processed in our clean rooms:

  • Connector sets
  • Pigtails and patch cords up to 30 m
  • Adapters
  • Mechanical parts

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Image of Clean Room ISO 7 work process
Clean Room ISO 7 - work process

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