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What is a clean room ISO 7?

A clean room is an engineered space, which maintains a very low concentration of airborne particles. Manufacturing processes often incorporate the use of clean rooms to minimize the potenial impact of foreign matter. Fiber optic assemblies that require special cleaning, drying, controlling, and packaging processes will utilize a clean room.

Offered services

Therefore, DIAMOND is equipped with a clean room of  ISO class 7 according to norm DIN EN ISO 14644-1 (class 10'000 according to FED STD 209E) to manufacture, clean and package products that are very sensitive to contamintation. Typical applications that may require a clean room include medical, laboratories, Space, R&D, life sciences, and industrial. 

ISO classes

Clean rooms are classified according to the cleanliness level of the air inside the controlled environment. Based on the quantity and size of particles per cubic meters of air the ISO classification-number specifyies the decimal logarithm of the number of particles 0.1 μm or larger permitted per m3 of air. For example, an ISO class 7 clean room has a maximum of 107 particles/m3. Our clean room also utilizes turbulent air flow with a minimum of 40 air exchanges per hour.

Image of Clean Room ISO 7 work process
Clean Room ISO 7 - work process
Controlled parameters in our clean room ISO 7
  • Temperature humidity control
  • Control of particulate concentration
  • Electrostatic discharge
  • Gas contaminats
  • Airflow pattern control
  • Pressurisation
Product capabilities
  • Connector sets
  • Pigtails and patch cords up to 30 m
  • Adapters
  • Mechanical parts

You will find more technical details about our clean room ISO 7 as well as about different processes in the Download section of this page. 

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