ISO 7 Cleanroom

Processes in controlled environment

The worldwide market for fibre optic solutions used within fields that are very sensitive to environmental contamination, such as medicine, laboratories, space, research, life sciences and industry, is experiencing steady growth. DIAMOND has responded to this growing demand by creating a new ISO 7 cleanroom (class 10'000 according to FED STD 209E), in order to supply products such as connector sets, pigtails, patchcords, adapters and mechanical parts that are cleaned and packaged in a controlled environment.

Processes inside the Diamond cleanroom include cleaning, drying, controlling and packaging, and these are preceded by a preparation and preconditioning process outside the cleanroom.

For details of the processes, or to enquire about a customised process , please contact us.

Cleanroom main characteristics:

Class: ISO 7 (according to norm DIN EN ISO 14644-1)
Type: Turbulent air flow
Flow rate: Min. 40 air exchanges /h
Filters: 3 ULPA U15 filters
Air flow: 3,600 m3/h total
Overpressure: 24 Pa
ESD-compliant: Yes
Surface: 40m2
Power supply: Lights and filters are under UPS