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Training and Formation Courses

DIAMOND SA has been a pioneer in the fiber optics field for more than 40 years, successfully developing, producing and assembling millions of reliable components. It is in our interest to share the cumulated knowledge with our customers. For this reason, we regularly organize training and formation courses on diverse topics in the wide fiber optics domain. Over the years, we trained more than 130 Airbus technicians and many others from different airline companies that decided to work with our repair kit. We strongly recommend all technicians that daily work with planes, to attend the formation and refresh courses: they are tailor made for them! Usually, the courses take place in our Swiss Headquarter in Losone, but can also be carried out at the customer’s location.

Course Program
Day 1: Theoretical Bases
Day 2, 3 and 4 : Practise
  • Optical Fundamentals
  • Fundamentals of the optical fibre, description of fibre types
  • Production process of the optical fibre
  • Structure of fibre optic cables
  • Fibre optic interconnection systems; splices, connectors,
  • Optical parameters of an interconnection: Insertion Loss, Return Loss
  • Butt joint connectors
  • Expanded beam connectors
  • Transmission systems; single and bidirectional systems
  • Precautions for safe cabling with optical fibre
  • Maintenance of fibre optic interconnections.
  • Inspection
  • Cleaning
  • Measurement tools for fibre optic assemblies, components and harnesses:
  • Source – Optical Power Meter technique
  • Optical Time Domain Reflectometry.
  • Troubleshooting and repair using the Repair Set und Kit ABS 1632-003 (Diamond P/N 1046361, resp. P/N 1047320)






  • Search of faults in fibre optic harnessing
  • Maintenance and cleaning of fibre optic interconnections
  • Measurement and characterisation of fibre optic assemblies and components, mainly connectors
  • Fault location and troubleshooting in fibre Optic harnesses with OTDR technique
  • Harnessing repair using Repair Set ABS 1632-003 (Diamond P/N 1046361, resp. P/N 1047320):
  • Handling of an optical fibre, resp. Fibre cable
  • Cable stripping
  • Preparation of the strain members
  • Stripping of a fibre
  • Repair of an optical fibre
  • Stripping and repair using repair set
  • Measuring of the repaired optical line using Light Source and Power Meter
  • Repair of a fibre cable:
  • Cable, resp. fibre preparation
  • Stripping and repair using Repair set
  • Measuring of the repaired optical line with OTDR technique, resp. Light source and Power Meter,
  • Repair under difficult conditions:
  • The process is done in an uncomfortable position; eventually in a dark area, where the head lamp is necessary
  • Cable, resp. fibre preparation
  • Stripping and repair using repair set
  • Measuring (quality control) of the repaired optical line

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