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    Optical / Electrical OEM Connector Insert

Modular & Compact Solution

Outdoor and industrial conditions are typically much harsher than those endured by standard commercial connectors and cable assemblies. Harsh environmental surroundings can adversely affect the operation of a system utilizing fiber optics. To combat these conditions, Diamond has developed a wide range of strong, reliable and customizable optical interconnect solutions built around the innovative Diamond Multipurpose DM4 insert. The DM4 insert incorporates four optical or electrical termini ideal for hybrid electrical/optical applications. The optical termini are assembled with Diamond’s Active Core Alignment (ACA) process, allowing for a combination of excellent fiber core concentricity and superior optical performance. In addition, IP ratings are met through solid connector construction with fortified ingress protection.

The new insert is the core of the existing HE-2000™MIL-38999 DM4 Family (up to 12 channels) and MIL-83526 DM4 Diamond connectors. Furthermore, the DM4 insert is constructed to fit into a variety of different connector housings. Compatibility with tight cable and semi-loose cable/fiber construction is ensured.