• Quality in a compact package

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  • Quality in a compact package

The F-3000™ connector family - compatible with LC connectors

The F-3000™ fiber optic connector family was developed in response to increasing customer demands for a high performance, small-form-fit factor (SFF) connector. The F-3000™ connector includes many of the already proven features that are utilized in our E-2000™ connector.  The automatic metal cover and thumb latch provides reliable protection against contamination, along with added safety in high power applications.

The family includes simplex, duplex and backplane connectors and adapters, as well as, a series of network accessories such as; attenuators, hybrid adapters, transition adapters, terminators, reflectors and receptacles.


  • Spring-loaded protective cap for high power applications providing increased safety protection
  • Constant high quality level for connector assemblies
  • Specially designed body to prevent end-face damage during mating
  • Modular designed mating adapters with metal protective shutters for high power applications
  • Diamond composite ferrule (zircon ceramic sleeve and titanium insert)
  • Active Core Alignment (A.C.A)
  • Unique 0.1 dB Insertion Loss​
  • Custom drill sizes from 80μm to 280μm
  • Superior Ultra polishing
  • Ultra-low ferrule

Compatibility with LC connectors

Diamond guarantees that the F-3000™ and F-3000™s connectors and mating adapters are designed and manufactured according to the IEC 61754-28 International Standard. They are mechanically compatible with LC connectors and mating adapters manufactured according to the IEC 61754-20 International Standard for “Fiber optic connector interfaces - Part 20: Type LC connector family”.

In addition, the F-3000™s connector is fully compatible with active device receptacle interfaces designed and manufactured according to the IEC 61754-20.

F-3000 Application Note

A medical device manufacturer recently turned to Diamond for assistance in designing the connectorization portion of their catheter assembly. As catheters are medical devices that are inserted in the body to treat diseases or perform surgical procedures, the customer required a small connector that was reliable, precise and easy-to-use. The Diamond F-3000™ connector was ultimately chosen due to its size, performance, shutter and push/pull connectivity. All of these features were instrumental in selecting this product and why customers prefer the F-3000™ in many similar demanding applications.

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