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ST Alberino fiber optic field assembly connector

ST™ Alberino fiber optic connectors for telecommunications, CATV, LAN, MAN, WAN, Test & Measurement, Industry, Medical and Sensors. Diamond developed a new series of products using the same basic components for ST™, E-2000™/SC/FC connectors.

The insert "Alberino" may be used in all the above mentioned connectors. Values are identical to the values under ST™ Standard connectors. This technology offers: high quality connections - high mating repeatability - easy expanding of existing installations - reduced storage for distributor. ST™ Alberino fiber optic connectors comply to IEC 61754-2 standards.

ST™ Alberino mating adapters (metal & plastic) can be used for all ST™ fiber optic connectors (not only Diamond versions). All adapters contain a high quality zirconia ceramic sleeve.

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