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Optical Termination Modules (OTM)

Optical terminators are used above all on open and non-utilized outputs of measuring equipment, telecommunications transmitters, couplers and CATV installations. The purpose of the OTM is to limit the return of reflection at the end of the connection. Thanks to the ferrule with titanium insert and the exclusive Diamond ACA (active core alignment) technology, reflectors by Diamond guarantee minimum levels of reflection. Reflectors by Diamond are small-sized modules supplied for single-mode fiber for PC as well as APC versions. Still, it is very important to inspect and if necessary, clean the connectors and terminators before use.


• Housing made of ROHS plastic and/or metal (nickel-plated copper), depending on the type.

• High-precision Diamond ceramic ferrule with titanium insert

• Very low reflection loss

• Excellent repeatability rate

• Excellent homogeneity over the 1310-1550 nm band

• Extended temperature range sheet

• Complies with IEC, TIA/EIA, Telecordia standards

• Terminator end coated to avoid the diffraction of laser signals into the environment

• E-2000 versions compatible with the E-2000 mechanical coding system

Fields of application:

• Protection of laser sources which are active but not utilized against reflections which can destroy them

• Protection against reflections from non-utilized coupler outputs (splitter or CWDM).

• Lockout and sealing of dark fiber on standby for the E-2000 version.

For further information or specific configuration data, please contact your DIAMOND advisor or contact us via the “Request an offer” form, available on-line on this site.

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