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Testing and calibration laboratory

Testing and calibration laboratory

Continuous and detailed inspection of the optical and mechanical properties of high-tech products ensures quality and reliability over time. This goal is achieved through a high level of technical competence and an appropriate equipment park.

Diamond's test and calibration laboratory has been an accredited laboratory by the Swiss Accreditation Service SAS since March 2002 as a testing laboratory STS 0333 for fiber optic components and as a calibration laboratory SCS 0101 for fiber optic measuring instruments according to standard ISO / IEC 17025:2017.

Accredited calibration laboratory - also for our customers

The accredited test and calibration laboratory STS 333 / SCS 101 not only performs measurements, tests and calibrations for Diamond, its subsidiaries and Diamond representatives around the world, but can also be used for project specific requirements. In our test calibration laboratory we offer, among other things, calibration of fiber optic measuring instruments and ensure traceability at the highest level. This includes on the one hand the calibration of absolute power and linearity by means of optical power level meters. Furthermore, our OTDR meters calibrate the distance scale and the attenuation scale. We are characterized by a short turnaround time of two to three days from receipt of the instrument and provide our customers with an official calibration certificate including measurement data and measurement uncertainties.

Diamond also undertakes the measurement and testing of fiber optic components. In particular, optical, mechanical, and environmental performance are targeted. Measured optical parameters include insertion loss, optical power change, return loss, polarization dependent loss, polarization extinction ratio, wavelength dependent loss and connector face geometry. From the mechanical side, vibration, tension, torsion, bending and shock are investigated. The important environmental tests consider high/low temperature and high humidity parameters.

Other services of the testing laboratory

Further services of the test laboratory: Diamond offers measurements of wavelength, spectrum and stability of optical sources, a fast and secure measuring equipment delivery service as well as a periodic calibration service. The Fiber Optic Competence Center also assists with training and support in the field of measurement technology and stands for competence regarding international standardization of fiber optic components. The service portfolio of the calibration laboratory is complemented by the development of measuring instruments as well as optical and geometrical measurements outside the scope of accreditation. For example, for optical high performance testing, microscopy, and general geometric measurements.

The accredited test and calibration laboratory STS 0333 / SCS 0101 offers following worldwide recognized services: 

Calibration of fibre optic measurement instruments

Well-founded expertise in measurements and tests

Measurements and tests on fiber optic components

Verifying optical, mechanical and environmental performance

Additional services

Training center, Assistance in the field of measurement technique, Development of measurement…

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