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High Temperature fiber optic connector

Diamond offers high-temperature (HT) fibre optic metal patch cables which were specially developed to guarantee operating temperatures above the conventional temperature ranges of conventional plastic connectors over longer periods of time.

The HT patch cables are based on a combination of special assembly techniques and materials, together with special fibres with the right coating which are suitable for use in harsh environments.

The advantages of the DIAMOND HT solutions range from temperature applications of up to 150 °C (302 °F) for use in harsh conditions in industry, military, space, oil industry, telecommunications and other environments.

These also include the traditional advantages such as immunity against electromagnetic disturbances, better environmental stability and a higher level of reliability over longer measurement distances compared to conventional, copper-based sensors.

DIAMOND HT standard patch cables are available in the versions PC and APC with MM or SM fibres. Other configurations are available on request. Low insertion loss thanks to the ACA technology and excellent return loss, available as pigtail and patch cord for the following connector systems: FC, LSA (DIN), AVIM™, Mini AVIM™ and DMI.