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Power Solution (PS / PS+)

Diamond PS connector systems are designed for high power applications up to 16 Watts optical power for single-mode (SM) fibers. These have been developed to support applications, such as power over fiber, optical amplifier connections, lidars, Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV), remote fiber sensor systems and high-power laser applications often used in the medical and industrial fields. Diamond PS connectors are based on contacted expanded beam technology, where a section of graded index fiber is spliced onto a collimating lens, which enlarges the beam diameter and reduces power density at the connector interface. A lower power density inhibits phenomena, such as “fiber fuse” and fiber optic surface damaging, mainly due to micrometric contaminants that become hot spots. PS connectors can be equipped with conductive switches that turn the high-power laser on/off by a remote control or interlock whenever the optical connector is disconnected.

More about the technology

Typical High Power Applications
Exceptional Transmission Values

By using Diamond Active Core Alignment (ACA) technology, we can achieve unrivaled low Insertion Loss (IL) performance for high power technology. This is achieved by aligning the fiber exit angle instead of the core eccentricity, as Diamond usually does on single-mode (SM) fiber. This technology is applicable to most connector interfaces, but due to safety issues Diamond suggests using it on our E-2000® and F-3000® connectors with integrated metal protection caps and shutters.

Power Solution ferrule connector comparison PS / PS+
Available Products and Features
  • Standard E-2000®, F-3000®, DMI or “custom-connector”
  • Integrated metal protection caps and shutters
  • Interlock option (mating adapter with an integrated electrical circuit breaker)
  • PM-PS option (Polarization Maintaining – Power Solution)
  • PS+ up to 16 W available for E-2000® and DMI (DMI upon request)

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