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    Diamond optical Network Acceptance Kit

Diamond Network Acceptance (DNA) Kit

The DIAMOND Network Acceptance (DNA) Kit is an FBG-based (Fiber Bragg Grating), easy-to-use testing system for fiber-optic P2P networks. The system provides the capability of a clear Optical Line Identification (OLiD), thanks to the integration of FBGs within connectivity components. This allows the line integrity and link correctness to be checked from a single access point. OLiD is a technically valuable and efficient alternative to the time-and resource-consuming red-light examination method. The system does not interfere with the standard telecom P2P operating bandwidth, therefore it can also be used on lines that are already active.


  • Available with up to 48 unique OLIDs in the 800 nm to 870 nm range
  • Does not interfere with the standard P2P telecom wavelengths
  • Test kit can be deployed rapidly, forgoes the need for expensive red-light testing (dual manpower not needed) and reduces the need to access private premises


  • Durable, stackable tool storage box with top unit for measuring device and 2 shallow drawers for coded UGT modules and accessories 
  • Diamond OLID Interrogator, incl. USB cable
  • Up to 48 different OLID optical transition adapters (UGTs)


  • E-2000™ APC
  • F-3000™ APC LC compatible
  • SC APC
  • Other interface types upon request (only APC)

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