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OLiD Adapters

The pluggable optical OLiD transition adapters from DIAMOND are components based on FBG technology (Fibre Bragg Grating) and are suitable for line testing in P2P fibre optic networks. They can be connected in the central office as well as to the OTO (Optical Termination Outlet). With the identification OLiD adapters, fibre optic connections can be clearly localised. This is possible thanks to coding written directly into the fibre. They do not cause any interference with P2P standard wavelengths used in telecommunications as they work with a wavelength of 800 nm to 870 nm.

The OLiD adapters can be read out with the DIAMOND OLiD interrogator – component of the DIAMOND network acceptance test (DNA) kits – from a distance. The OLiD information can then be stored and managed in a database with user-friendly DIAMOND software. Up to 48 different codings are available from the OLiD adapters. The main application is in FTTH networks for temporary line coding for line testing during a rollout. The OLiD adapters are available for connector types E-2000®, F-3000® and SC.

The custom cut ferrule is an 8° APC, where the OLiD system always works with single-mode fibres and the return loss of the line transitions must be kept low to be able to evaluate the reflecting OLiD signals.

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