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Space qualified fiber optic solutions

Diamond has been supplying the renowned AVIM® connector for avionic, military, and ruggedized applications for more than 20 years. The European Space Agency (ESA) released the ESCC specifications (2263420, 3420) for fiber optic connectors, including the detail specification of the Mini AVIM® (3420/001) allowing customers to configure various assemblies. Some assemblies variants, defined in the ESCC certificate 355, have been qualified and figure in the ESCC QPL.  

Diamond is well versed in the requirements and sourcing procedures for space-qualified components and is committed to providing continued support for these and related products.

The AVIM® Family was created around the AVIM® and the Mini AVIM® and completed with the Midi AVIM® and Micro AVIM® to respond to the demand for high performance optical connectors in a growing aerospace market with new applications. The AVIM® product family will expand, especially in the line of multi-channel assemblies. 

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ESA Qualification

Diamond replied to a European Space Agency (ESA) Request for Quotation 3-12750/09/NL/PA and has…

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