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    Small and light internal space fiber optic connector

Mini AVIM®

ESA certified single channel space grade connector

The Mini AVIM® is a Diamond development for Exomars rover originally and has been standardized under ESCC 3420/001 Detail specification. Some variants of that specifications have been qualified under ESCC and can be found in the ESCC QPL site on escies.org.

The Mini AVIM® connector has been developed after market request of a smaller and lighter version of our acclaimed AVIM® connector for harsh environment, especially space applications. The Mini AVIM® combines two leading edge technologies: the AVIM® MILstyle ratchet system and the base construction of Diamond Micro Interface (DMI) connector.

Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) availability and economy backed by component availability from stock and quick turnaround of terminations and assemblies. The Mini AVIM® is aligned precisely in rotation and therefore it can be used for both standard SM and MM fibers, as well as for PM technologies and multi-fiber ferrules or multi-core fibers.

Our Power Solution (PS) technology can also be applied to this connector lower the power density with a GRIN lens to improve resistance to power failure.

Harsh environment applications will range from Space to underwater, applying to mobile, avionics, shipboard, oil downhole, etc.

  • Compact, small and lightweight
  • Low loss thanks to Diamond Active Core Alignment (A.C.A.)
  • High return loss thanks to Diamond polishing technique and A.C.A.
  • Miniaturized MIL-style ratchet system with high vibration/shock resistance
  • All Titanium – ZrO2 material for ultra low CTE mismatch
  • ESCC 3420/001 Mini AVIM® Detail specification

The Mini AVIM® has been successfully submitted to evaluation tests according to ESCC 2263420 and qualified according to ESCC standards for the Space Grade and against IEC 61753-2-1 cat. U. for the Commercial Grade.

ESCC standards can be found at https://escies.org

Available as
  • Terminated connector (commercial, space grade and space qualified)
  • Multi-fiber custom connector set and assembled terminations
  • Mating adapters (commercial, space qualified)


AVIM® is a registered trademark of DIAMOND SA in the European Union, USA and other countries.

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