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flexPatch Fix 1U

The DIAMOND 19ʺ flexPatch fix 1RU cable sealing terminal guarantees the most simplest installation process in the connector version for pre-assembled cables. The box offers the best fibre management with the highest packing density, while adhering to all fibre optic parameters. Thanks to the slight component structure and low box depth of just 240 mm, this cable sealing terminal can be used almost everywhere. The components are coloured anthracite grey, meaning that any fibre deposits can be identified immediately. The flexPatch consists of a base box, a removable lid, a removable guide panel with guide rails and a matching front panel with the desired mating adapters. The front panel has screen printed numbered ports and additional description strips for individual labelling.

The drawer can be pulled out from the front simply by hand with the integrated magnet fastenings. This means that it can be pulled continuously straight out of the base box, at a 20° angle, at a 60° angle or completely, as needed. The cable sealing terminal offers a vast number of varied cable entry options for pre-assembled cables at the side and at the back, for example, via fold-out feeds, fairleads and special break-out cable strain relief systems combined with cable ties or Velcro. An additional option for cable feeding is the 30° angle cable strain relief which can be used together with fairleads regardless of the cable diameter. The box can also be embedded in an installed state by 60 mm, depending on the fastening profile. Servicing work can be carried out during network operation.


Downloadable installation instructions and labelling templates are available on the website.

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