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    AVIM® Family

Vibration and shock resistant fiber optic interconnects

The AVIM® connector series is characterized by its vibration and shock resistance making it ideal for different applications. Other common features are the low insertion loss values as well as the high return loss that are achieved by using our Active Core Alignment technology and our ultra-polishing process.

AVIM® - dynamic and proven
  • Compatible with kevlar reinforced cables
  • ­Unique AVIM 2-pieces cleanable adapter
  • ­Standards: IEC 61754-3
  • ­vibration proven

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Midi AVIM® - light and easy to handle
  • Full titanium construction
  • ­Compatible with kevlar reinforced cables
  • ­100% compatible with Mini AVIM® mating adapters
  • Description in ESCC 3420/001

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Mini AVIM® - compact, small and embeddable
  • Titanium construction
  • ­Compatible with secondary coated fibers
  • ­Standards ESCC 3420/001
  • ­Space qualified according to ESCC 3420/001

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Micro AVIM® - ultra compact, ideal for circuit board
  • Titanium construction
  • Minimum space requirement
  • ­Footprint of 4.5 x 21 mm
  • ­Easy installation
  • ­Description in ESCC 3420/001

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AVIM® is a registered trademark of DIAMOND SA in the European Union, USA, and other countries.

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