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Harnessing Quantum Technology with Fiber Optics Expertise

At Diamond SA, we are at the forefront of quantum technology in fiber optics. With over 40 years of expertise as a fiber optic pioneer, we have built a reputation for producing high quality fiber optic components. Our proprietary Active Core Alignment (ACA) technology, which perfectly centers fiber cores, enables us to manufacture exceptionally precise connectors.

One of our key competencies is achieving remarkably low insertion loss, which is critical for quantum applications using fiber optics. Our insertion loss can be as low as 0.05dB*, exceeding industry standards. This level of performance is made possible by our deep understanding of fiber optic technology and our commitment to delivering superior quality.

For quantum applications, we offer a range of relevant technologies that address specific needs. Our Power Solution is designed for high power applications, ensuring reliable performance under demanding conditions. We also specialize in polarization maintaining, enabling precise control and manipulation of light polarization in quantum systems. When it comes to high and very low temperature environments, such as cryogenic applications, our connectors are designed to withstand extreme conditions while maintaining optimum performance. Our technologies perform - exactly where you need them to.

In addition to our expertise in quantum technology, Diamond SA offers a comprehensive range of multi-channel fiber optic components. These components are designed to facilitate the transmission of multiple signals simultaneously, providing enhanced scalability and efficiency in quantum applications. With our advanced manufacturing techniques and stringent quality control, we ensure that each multi-channel component meets the highest standards of performance and reliability.

Fiber optics plays a crucial role in enabling seamless communication and precise control in the following typical quantum applications:

Quantum Networking: Fiber optics forms the backbone of quantum networks, facilitating the transmission of quantum information between nodes and enabling secure and efficient quantum communication.

  • Quantum Computing: Fiber optics is essential for interconnecting qubits in quantum computing systems, enabling high-speed data transfer and efficient quantum information processing. Computing systems with high-speed data transfer will be the new computers of the future world. With our new computing solutions, your data will be transferred in no time.
  • Quantum Sensing: Fiber optic sensing systems are utilized in quantum sensing applications for accurate measurements of physical quantities, such as magnetic fields or gravitational waves, with high precision and sensitivity.
  • Quantum Key Distribution (QKD): Fiber optics serves as the medium for secure quantum communication through QKD protocols, ensuring the distribution of cryptographic keys with ultimate security.
  • Photon Counting: Fiber optic interfaces are integral to photon counting applications, enabling the detection and measurement of individual photons for quantum experiments and precise quantum information processing.
  • Quantum Communication: Fiber optics enables long-distance, high-speed quantum communication, allowing the transmission of quantum states and quantum information reliably and securely. This new communication technology connects computers from all over the world in a blink of an eye.

As a trusted connector manufacturer, we prioritize low-loss solutions to ensure minimal signal degradation throughout the transmission process. Our repeatable and consistent quality enables us to deliver reliable results for quantum applications. In addition, our experienced engineering team is ready to work with customers to develop customized solutions to meet their unique requirements.

Typical connectors used in quantum applications include the E-2000® and Mini AVIM®, known for their reliability and performance. In addition, our Vacuum Feedthrough serves as an ultra-high vacuum and cryogenic system, enabling seamless integration into quantum setups.

Choose Diamond SA for your fiber optic quantum technology needs. Experience our unparalleled expertise, exceptional quality, and commitment to advancing the industry. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and explore how our solutions can enhance your quantum applications.

*Example of average value obtained from characterization batch consisting of 10 pcs E-2000® connections assembled on SMF28 fiber @ 1550 nm.

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