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    Fusion crocodile splice on Connectors

Fusion Crocodile® (SOC)

The Fusion Crocodile® (SOC) solution allows quick and simple field assembly while adhering to the high quality standards of Diamond plug-in connections. The key component here is the fully developed, field assembly “crocodile Alberino” 2.5 mm ferrule assembly from DIAMOND protected by two-sided adhesive tape.

The ferrule assembly consists of a mini pigtail with integrated splice protection elements. The fibre ending is core-centred by the popular DIAMOND process of active fibre alignment and polished under production conditions in accordance with strict factory specifications. The new FUSION is assembled in the field using a fusion splice, with the new DIAMOND ZEUS D50 Fusion. Thanks to the high quality of the tools and the ferrules, a low level of insertion loss is ensured.

Fusion Crocodile® (SOC) is available for single-mode and multi-mode fibres (250 μm, 600 μm and 900 μm) and cables (from 1.6 mm to 3.1 mm) as well as in 0° PC and 8° APC versions.


Crocodile® is a registered trademark of DIAMOND SA in the European Union, USA, and other countries.

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