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Custom Optical solutions for your fiber optic project

Different applications require different products and combinations of components. These can be special connector geometries, cable harnesses with appropriately designed Fiber Optic Connector or, in measurement technology, the use of optical sensors. The almost unlimited diversity of variants often requires customized, Custom Optical solutions. Direct customer contact is therefore very important in order to precisely meet the product specifications of the application.

The Diamond Service

Even if the products are customized, testing and logging of the individual parts is an important point in the production chain. After all, every solution should ultimately deliver the performance that the customer demands and expects. With our excellently developed quality control and modern measuring stations, as well as an accredited measuring laboratory where we carry out a variety of optical and mechanical tests, we can guarantee high and consistent product quality. We adhere to the general standards for fiber optic connectors so that our measured values are reproducible at all times. Mechanical tests, such as the behavior under vibrations at certain frequencies, are individually adapted to customer requirements.

Our expertise for Custom Optical solutions

The Diamond company has been involved in the manufacture and assembly of fiber optic connectors and the associated mechanical housings and tools for more than 40 years. This vast knowledge means that even complicated specifications and difficult applications are possible with the right assembly. Diamond is able to handle a wide variety of projects - from very small orders to large production batches of 1000s.

Customised Optical Interconnect Solutions

Our range of individual Fiber Optic Connections includes, among other things, connection systems for Optical Sensors, which are characterized by particularly low-loss connections of the Optical Interfaces. Due to the increased sensitivity of the sensors, they are also suitable for use in difficult conditions. We also offer fiber bragg grating (FBG) sensor assembly. When using FBG-based measuring systems for optical scanning, it is particularly important to select the correct connector types for the respective environmental situation. Both the optical requirements and the mechanical loads must be taken into account.

Please contact us for further special solutions in the field of fiber optics. We will work with you to find the right solutions for your specific needs in terms of environmental conditions, performance, reliability, delivery times, and other mechanical and optical requirements.

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