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Fiber optics - Active Components for any infrastructure

The FTTx market is undergoing constant change and the growing demands on data rates and the various services require new cabling concepts. After originally being limited exclusively to a backbone function for the basic network, fiber optic technology is now increasingly asserting itself in the office and working world as well as in the so-called "last mile" to your living room. The use of Ethernet for the working world, the private sector as well as in industrial environments offers the advantage of a standardized communication infrastructure. For this, the use of suitable active components is essential. DIAMOND SA supplies a comprehensive range of Active Components such as converters, bridges, Switches and Transceivers for converting light into electrical signals (fiber optic Cu) and the reverse.

Active components of Diamond SA

You will find Active Transmitter / Receiver modules as well as F-3000® SFP and SFP-BIDI (WDM) modules. These Transceiver modules are components that enable the flow of information between two devices and can be used both as transmitters and receivers. This is where the compound name "transceiver" comes from. A special, standardized type of Transceiver is the SFP Module ("Small Form-factor Pluggable Module".) These are particularly practical because they can be replaced using the hot swap method i.e., during operation. The resulting flexibility and speed in the exchange process is a clear advantage. In the range of Industrial Switches, we have the Industrial Switch Plus and the Industrial GB Switch Modular, among others, ready for you. Due to their reliability and shortest recovery times, these switches are the first choice for industrial Ethernet. But our Entry Line Industrial Switches also stand out for their performance, stability, and reliability in industrial applications.

Suitable solutions for your workstations

In the field of Office Switches, we have created solutions with particular flexibility for Fiber To The Office (FTTO) applications. This means that office environments are also increasingly benefiting from fiber optic technology. With us you will find the right devices for networking the individual workstations with the server. Optimal broadband services such as high-speed Internet access, VoIP, CATV, video surveillance etc. are possible with our devices. We also offer a suitable software management tool for the configuration and monitoring of the individual devices.

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