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Robust and versatile fiber optic lensed interconnect

Compact Lensed-Ferrule Connector

Diamond introduces the new lensed Alberino XB connector series.  Due to a patented modular design, this connector is extremely space saving and fits into a variety of standard connector housings.  Diamond launches the XB2 as the first in a line of a revolutionary connector series.  The XB lensed connectors provide absolute robustness, paired with dirt-proof insertion loss and high-power resilience, which are ideal for harsh environments.

Expanded Beam XB Technology

Unlike conventional ferrules, the Diamond lensed ferrule operates on the Expanded Beam principle. Setting new standards in terms of optical performance by using single-mode fibers, lensed ferrules are used for applications that were not suitable, until now, because of high optical requirements.

More about the XB Technology


XB2 features and benefits at a glance
  • Non-contact connection
  • Low Insertion Loss
  • High data rate capacity
  • Insensitive to dirt and debris
  • Easy cleaning
  • High Power capacity
  • Low risk of damage
  • Single mode fibers 9µm
  • On-site installable / field repairable



Perfectly suitable for applications with risk of contamination such as:

Harsh Environments Military tactical Outside broadcast
Petrochemical plants Mining Offshore systems
Lidars Industrial FTTA
Optical sensors Spectroscopy Avionics


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