• Laser Applications in Photonics

Enabling high performance fiber optic interconnects in photonic laser applications

As a leading provider of fiber optic interconnects for over four decades, we understand the crucial role that optical fibers play in laser power delivery across diverse technical and commercial photonics fields. Our expertise in laser applications enables us to create robust and efficient optical photonic interfaces using fiber optic connectors.

To optimize any fiber optic-based system, it is essential to have in-depth knowledge of the performance and limitations of these interfaces. At Diamond, we possess the comprehensive know-how required to provide the best solutions for every situation. Our competencies span mechanics, optics, assembly, and testing, ensuring that we deliver superior fiber optic interconnects tailored to your specific needs. Our advanced technology is designed to ensure that your laser applications achieve a stable and high-performance connection.


  • In-house ceramics production
  • Precision machining with expertise in hard and soft metals
  • High-precision plastic molding
  • Ultra-high-quality surface polishing and lapping


  • Fiber active core alignment (ACA)
  • Active polarization orientation (APO)
  • Wide variety of optical interfaces
  • Splicing expertise


  • Active optical alignment of subassemblies
  • Component packaging via epoxies or laser welding
  • Vacuum and cryogenic interfaces
  • Assembly in a controlled environment (clean room) ISO 6 and ISO 7


  • Accredited test laboratory for opto-mechanical product characterization and qualification
  • Calibration of optical test instruments

With our laser-focused approach to photonics, Diamond ensures that your fiber optic connections are optimized for peak performance. We offer a range of solutions designed to meet the demands of various applications, providing reliable, efficient, and high-quality optical interfaces.

Diamond's modular approach offers maximum flexibility for optimizing individual connections and global system performance along an optical link. Depending on local conditions and constraints, different interface solutions may be better suited:

  • Interface position: Fiber-to-fiber connection, coupling between fiber and (from or to) free-space.
  • Fiber type: Standard single-mode (SM), multimode (MM) fibers, or other specialty fibers (polarization-maintaining, low-NA, double-clad, etc.).
  • Power level: Optical and thermal power management.
  • Operating wavelength: Optimization of transmission efficiency.

At Diamond, we recognize the importance of tailoring our solutions to specific requirements. To cater to diverse laser applications, we have developed various technologies, including:

These technologies are ideally suited for laser applications, offering efficient power management and ensuring optimal performance.

With Diamond's comprehensive range of interface solutions and advanced technologies, we provide the flexibility to optimize both individual connections and the overall system performance. Our goal is to empower your laser applications by delivering customized solutions that meet your specific needs. Our advanced technology will improve the quality of your laser application and ensure a reliable connection of your device. Our expertise in fiber optics for photonics will push your connection to the next level – a high performance level.

Experience the Diamond advantage in laser applications for photonics. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and let our expertise empower your fiber optic connections for enhanced performance in your industry.

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