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The DIAMOND SA F-3000® mating adapters with laser and dust protection flap are compatible with the current standard LC (IEC 61754-20/ED1). This allows you to connect up to four single-mode patch cables. The socket is connected internally with fibre type G.657.A. This meets the current technical performance features (FTTH In-house) from Swisscom and BAKOM. The embedded outlet has optional RJ45 copper connections (T+T or T+T/DSL). With this accessory, the connection socket can be used in diverse ways, even as an AP socket or in a combination of 2 outlets or more. To complete the range, coaxial and RJ45 network inserts are also available.
The embedded outlet impresses with its simple installation and its well thought-out fibre management. In addition, the flush-mount socket has space for four shrink or crimp splice protection systems.
You can insert the mating adapters easily and at any time.

OTO Extension OE

Throughout Switzerland numerous apartments and houses have already been connected to the fiber network and in many places the Diamond / Feller outlet is already installed. But sometimes the connection is on the wrong place. With the Dialink extension sets the fiber optic connection is shortly and flexible replaced where ever it’s needed – without special Tools.


The FTTH BOX provides a high degree of time savings in the FTTH provision of residential services. With the surface mount (Feller Edizio) OSD 2/4 or 4/4 included in the box, the residence can be made accessible easily and quickly with fiber optics. All communication services such as data, voice, TV, etc., are transmitted with it. In addition to the socket equipped with pigtails, the box includes a plastic reel with the installation cable that is pre-assembled to the desired length. Thanks to the cable pull (eyelet) – which can be directly attached to the rod – at the end of the cable, the cable can be installed into the existing cabling infrastructure with minimal effort. The cable with the G.657.A fibre is characterized by narrow bending radius. It can be easily rolled out of the box, which makes installation by an individual person possible. The mating adapter built in to the socket as well as the F-3000® /LC plug are equipped with laser and dust covers, which protect the eyes as well as the plug surface area. The F-3000® /LC plug and mating adapters are 100% compatible with the current LC standard IEC 61754-40/ED1.


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    EDIZIOdue Outlet
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    EDIZIOdue FTTH Box

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