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    Dialink quick push-pull fiber optic connector


The DiaLink connector with its smart, circular design is setting new standards in fibre optic cable connections. 

The DiaLink was developed to simplify fibre optic cabling in homes or offices. Thanks to this connector, cabling can be completed quickly. The pre-assembled cables are drawn into the installation tube or cable channel directly with the connector. This is made possible thanks to the circular, slim shape and the pulling cap of the DiaLink connector. The DiaLink can be drawn in with a pulling force of up to 300 N. With this easy-to-install and affordable method, splicing is no longer required.

Its numerous positive characteristics ensure that there are almost no limits to the way in which it can be used – whether in medical applications, measurement technology or FTTH cabling. The connector allows for simple adaption to a wide range of applications. This is also reflected in our wide range of possible connector configurations. The DiaLink comprises a male and a female connector side. Thanks to the user-friendly design and the push-pull system, the connector can also be used in extremely confined conditions as a device interface or with a high packing density without any problems whatsoever. 

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