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Attenuation Patch

The OAF PATCH product range from DIAMOND offers an array of wave-length independent attenuators which are adapted to all types of connectors. The OAF PATCH products feature several levels of nominal attenuation (from 2 to 30dB) and are also adapted for applications which require accurate attenuation and simple space-saving wiring, as well as customized connectors. Typical fields of application include passive optical networks, CATV as well as measuring instruments and sensor technology.

The concept is based on several different components: PC/APC connector, “Alberino” and an attenuated fiber-optic cable. The fiber-optic cables are available in three standard lengths: 1, 2 or 3 meters.

Thanks to the Diamond ACA (Active Core Alignment) technology and titanium insert in the ceramic ferrule, the fiber core is perfectly centered in the axis of the ferrule in each connector, which also guarantees repeatability and exceptional stability. In addition, the E-2000® and F-3000® connectors feature protective caps identical to connectors and patchcords of the same type to guarantee laser safety and to avoid soiling on contact surfaces (refer to the detailed technical sheet for each type of connector we provide).

For further information or specific configuration data, please contact your DIAMOND advisor or contact us via the “Request an offer” form, available on-line on this site.

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