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Polarization Maintaining (PM / PM+)

The field of application of PM elements has expanded beyond traditional markets to brand new ones, from research to industrial environments: Biomedicine, Spectroscopy, Metrology, Sensorics, Telecommunications, Lasertechnology, Surveillance & Security, Lithography. 

DIAMOND supplies high-quality solutions to polarization maintaining (PM) and polarizing (PZ) fiber optical interfaces for optimal control of the signal’s polarization state. Low insertion losses (IL) combined with high polarization extinction ratios (PER) and higher return losses (RL) are achieved over very broad spectral ranges thanks to a combination of accurate optical and mechanical design.

DIAMOND's standard PM products are characterised by low Insertion Loss (IL) combined with high Polarisation Extinction Ratios (PER) and higher Return Loss (RL). These superior characteristics are primarily due to our proprietary Active Core Alignment (ACA) and Active Polarisation Orientation (APO) processes. DIAMOND multichannel connectors (HE-2000®, MIL-38999 DM4, MIL-83526 DM4) utilise the DIAMOND Multipurpose Insert (DM4 OEM) and are fully compatible with standard PM termination.

The PM+ range is available on approved connectors, fibers and cabels and has the same low IL as standard PM products but with a higher PER.

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