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Validation of the Mini AVIM® APC PM Space Grade Connector

Diamond SA continues its commitment to deliver superior quality and reliability in our products, especially for critical space applications.…

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Mini AVIM® ESA Re-Qualification

We are pleased to announce that DIAMOND's Mini AVIM® connector has been re-certified as a qualified space grade connector by the European Space Agency…

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Ultra-Low Loss Fiber Optic Connectors

DIAMOND SA is developing a process to manufacture ultra-low loss connectors. This process will utilize our state-of-the art Active Core Alignment

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Thermal Vacuum Chamber for aerospace applications

Due to the ever increasing demand for testing and qualification of fiber optic components in extremely harsh environments specifically for aerospace…

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Hearnessing Quantum Technology with Fiber Optics Expertise

At Diamond SA, we have been pioneers in the field of fiber optics for over 40 years. Now, we are taking our expertise to the quantum frontier. Our…

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Push-Pull Circular Connector

Two innovative and well-established companies have collaborated to develop the optical version of the Push-Pull Circular Connector Y-Circ® P Series,…

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Fiber Optic Vacuum Feedthroughs

Diamond offers vacuum feedthrough (V-FT) solutions for a large range of optical fiber and adaptors. The V-FT integrates a standard 2.5mm ferrule…

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Making the Grade

The Diamond AVIM® family of connectors can be used in a wide variety of applications. These connectors provide exceptional resistance to shock and…

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Low-maintenance lensed interconnects

The Challenge
Harsh environment applications require rugged and reliable components able to withstand adverse conditions that standard commercial…

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Robust connectors with high-end optical performance

Fiber optics typically offers many advantages over conventional electrical and electronic systems, but often times a harsh environment can make the…

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Successful Space Requalification

Diamond is proud to announce that our Mini AVIM® connector has been requalified by the European Space Agency (esa) and confirmed “ESCC Qualification…

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