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Unlocking the Power of Quantum Technology

At Diamond SA, we have been pioneers in the field of fiber optics for over 40 years. Now, we are taking our expertise to the quantum frontier. Our patented Active Core Alignment technology ensures that we produce connectors with unmatched precision, perfect for quantum applications where every photon counts. With insertion loss values as low as 0.05dB*, we are setting new industry standards.

Our competencies extend to power solutions for high-power quantum applications, polarization maintaining for precise control, and connectors designed to thrive in extreme environments like cryogenics. Plus, our multi-channel fiber optic components offer the scalability and efficiency demanded by quantum technologies.

Typical Quantum Applications Supported by Diamond SA

  • Quantum Networking: Secure and efficient quantum communication.
  • Quantum Computing: High-speed data transfer and quantum information processing.
  • Quantum Sensing: Precision measurements of physical quantities.
  • Quantum Key Distribution (QKD): Ultimate security for cryptographic key distribution.
  • Photon Counting: Detecting and measuring individual photons for quantum experiments.
  • Quantum Communication: High-speed, long-distance quantum communication.

We take pride in being at the forefront of quantum technology, and our commitment to delivering the highest quality remains unwavering.

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