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    MIL-38999 DM4 Family

Vibration resistant interconnect solution

Diamond has developed an advanced COTS MIL-38999 connector that demonstrates exceptional performance in demanding optical applications. For the first time, rugged 38999 connectors are available for use with small-core single mode fiber, polarization-maintaining (PM) fiber, and other specialty fiber types.

Built around the innovative DM4 (Multipurpose Termini), the connector incorporates four termini with Diamond's two-component ferrules, assembled with the company's Active Core Alignment (ACA) process for unparalleled core concentricity. Also available are electrical contacts for hybrid electrical / optical applications.

Features & Benefits at a glance

  • Up to 4 channels on size 13 shells (according to MIL std., 38999 serie III) and to 12 channels on size 25 shells
  • Free configuration of each channel
  • Based on standard 2.5mm PC and APC version Alberinos with integrated spring to prevent termini separation
  • Compatible with tight cable construction, semi loose cable/fibre construction
  • Compatible with several fibre types such as MM, SM, PM, Small core fibers
  • Steady and repeatable low IL and High return loss
  • High and steady ER when terminated with PM fibre
  • IP 67 rated enclosures (Connector and bulkhead)
  • Hybrid, E/O termini. Electrical pins 20 AWG
  • Easy ferrule front-face access for cleaning & inspection
  • Easy termini insertion end removal for field termination and repair

Characteristics of DM4

  • Precise and repeatable pre-alignment, thanks to the well dimensioned hollow guide pins
  • Interacting, space saving pre-alignment hollow guide pins
  • Resilient alignment sleeve protected in the hollow pre-alignment guide pins
  • Alignment sleeves individually removable for easy cleaning
  • Full protection of the optical elements from all external influences such as rotational, bending and/or lateral stress
  • Ability for mechanical keying

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