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The Diamond Industrial Switches are available in Fast Ethernet or Gigabit versions. The single or multi-mode FO connection takes place via E-2000® or exchangeable SFP modules.

The devices offer a high level of performance, safety and stability for industrial applications. As well as the simple, snap-on assembly on 35mm DIN rails, the switches have further industrial functions such as redundant energy supply options and a potential-free relay contact for signalling a power cut-off. 

All operating parameters of industrial systems such as robustness, high availability and failure protection are guaranteed thanks to these high-quality components.

The industrial switches can be fitted with two fibre optic connections. This allows the formation of a fibre optic ring (fast redundancy). The fast redundancy is made possible by a mechanism patented by the manufacturer which undertakes a millisecond-fast reconfiguration of the Ethernet network in the event of a fault.

More and more end devices require supply services and data speeds in the Gigabit/s area. 

Diamond's PoE industrial switches correspond ideally to the increased requirements. The devices are available with integrated Power-over-Ethernet functionality. The connections make it possible for end devices to store directly via the data connection in accordance with IEEE 802.3af/at.

Dedicated LED display screens give information about the energy supply status up to the PoE function per port. 

The devices are generally equipped with an integrated network management system. Comprehensive switch functions can be configured easily via web interface/SNMP/Telnet or nmp software (not included with the switches).

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