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    Special Small form plug SFP

F-3000® SFP Module

The DIAMOND flexos SFP modules (transceivers) make it possible to transfer data via fibre optics.

The SFP modules are available for multi-mode and single-mode, Gigabit and Fast Ethernet. The SFPs have metal housings with latches for the simple removal of the module. They are compatible with connector types F-3000® or LC.

Something which marks out most of the active network components (switches, converters, routers) is the modular ports for connecting optical transceivers. In this way, users have as much flexibility as possible. 

These pluggable transceivers have the advantage that they must only be acquired if the corresponding ports are also really required. In addition, there is also the possibility of deciding on multi-mode or single-mode regarding the data speed directly before use. 

The special structure means that the installation can even be carried out during operation (hot swap).

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