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Install fiber optic networks easily with Top-Hat Rail

Our wide range of special solutions for carrier, FTTx, LAN and industrial applications also includes various products which are suitable for particularly simple installation using a Top-Hat Rail. Modularity, compactness, and the use of high-quality materials ensure that fiber optic networks can be easily set up and expanded.

The special feature of the Top-Hat Rail

The Top-Hat Rail, which is widely used in distribution boxes in industry and infrastructure, is also called DIN-Rails. The name is derived from the special shape of the cross-section, which resembles a hat. This rail is usually made of a sheet metal profile e.g., steel, copper or aluminum.  Although there are also plastic rails, these are used less frequently. Components are simply pushed onto this universal support with standardized dimensions from the side or from the front. This simple method facilitates and speeds up assembly, thus saving labor costs.

Diamond solutions for Top-Hat Rails

Diamond SA's fiber optic distribution solutions include its own range of products suitable for mounting using 35 mm Top-Hat Rail. These include the DIN-Rail Module DIAMOND FlexModul Box, which is characterized by its accessibility from the front. Just like the similarly designed but smaller flexModul mini, the FlexModul Box is particularly suitable for retrofitting in tight spaces thanks to its compact design. As a solution for cable termination, we offer the flexModul as a splice variant or plug-in variant for pre-assembled cables, which can be installed in various industrial wall-mounted distributors. The DIN-Rail Distributors come in four housing sizes, designed for 2 to 24 fibers. The DIN-Rail E-2000® module is available for secure and simple fiber-optic 2-channel connection for E-2000 connectors. It connects and distributes two fiber optic duplex cables with an E-2000® duplex centerpiece in the basic housing.

More order for Top-Hat Rail modules

If the application area and requirements are compatible, a FlexModule is the obvious choice.  In case of special requirements that are not covered by the standard modules, we design application and customer-specific solutions. This may concern the size, materials, or installation procedure in the field.

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