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    Mini-Bridge 10/100

Optical Plug and Play Converter

The Diamond Mini Bridge enables a fast and cost-effective media conversion from copper (10/100Base-TX) to fiber (100Base-FX). The fiber optic connection allows to cover very long distances and simultaneously provides a fail-safe and galvanically decoupled connection.

Direct coupling makes it possible to extend twisted pair connections beyond the 100 m limit.

The Mini Bridge has an RJ-45 connector with 10/100Base-T and a 100Base-X fibre optic connector. The single or multimode fiber optic connection travels via E-2000™ connectors or exchangeable SFP modules.

The device is mainly used in corporate networks to universally combine the media copper and fiber optics. In addition to the media conversion, it is possible to carry out a speed adjustment for 10 and 100 MBit/s.

The copper port automatically adjusts to the speed of the connected device (auto-negotiation), so that older devices can also be connected to the Gigabit network via the converter. With the Auto Crossing function, the switch automatically detects the TX port assignment so that standard patch cables are always used.

The device has an external power supply. Colored LEDs provide information about the operating status and help with troubleshooting. Dip switches can be used to manually select between half or full duplex operation.

The bridge (segment separation) eliminates existing length restrictions for Ethernet (5 km) and Fast Ethernet segments (412 m).

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