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    3 Units fiber interconnect patchpanel

Bsub Rack BGT 3 + 1U

The Diamond flexBGT 19” rack 4 RU allows for a packing density of up to 288 fibres. This BGT covers up to 12x compact plug-in modules, each with 7 sub-units in the upper three rack units. A flexible and lockable drawer which can be pulled out from the front or from the back is installed in the bottom and fourth rack unit, which offers better handling for your infrastructure or installation needs. The guide slots and the drawer are powder-coated in anthracite grey and are very easy to use. Any fibre deposits can be identified immediately.

The cables, pre-assembled fan-out or break-out cables and the connection tubes are fastened at the back to a continuous support rail. At the front of the 1 RU drawer, you can select individually whether you would like to have four plastic guide brackets installed, a cable tray or both together. Thanks to the embedded magnets, the description strip can be applied directly to the guide brackets, the cable tray or the front panel. The light, compact plug-in modules are made from aluminium and also powder-coated.

The splice trays can be placed parallel next to the fixed bundled-wire/fibre guide with its snap-on protective cover. Pre-cut slots in the blank front panels for compact plug-in modules enable the individual fastening of break-out cables or patch cable excess lengths using cable ties or Velcro fasteners.

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