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The classic connector now in a revolutionized lensed version

The unsurpassed mechanical and optical interfaces of the E-2000® connector family is ideal for most standard applications.  The E-2000® connector family includes Simplex, Compact and Backplane connector and adapter components, as well as, a large selection of network accessories, attenuators, hybrid adapters, transition adapters, terminators, reflectors and receptacles. Now, the E-2000® connector is available with a lensed ferrule. The contactless connection requires very low maintenance and ensures long mating durability.

E-2000® family at a glance

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Same, but different - a copy is never as good as the original

Diamond is the inventor of the world-famous E-2000® fiber optic connector. The low insertion loss values, which can be controlled and constantly guaranteed due to our Active Core Alignment process  is why the Diamond E-2000® is often copied, but unrivalled. In addition, all Diamond connectors are manufactured and inspected using clearly defined processes and only high-quality materials.

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  • E-2000® - Well-Proven and Yet Innovative
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